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B-Models 55105  Container Cars Sggmrss 90 "WETRON" - The Scuderia 46

B-Models 55105 Container Cars Sggmrss 90 "WETRON"

B-MODELS 55105 - AAE Cargo, light grey livery, rented out to TX Logistik, inscription D-AAEC, loaded with 2x 45ft tarp-side container "WETRON" HO DC.  Epoch VI

The container wagons type Sggmrss has been built in high numbers and is used by many different companies throughout Europe. The wagon consist of two halves that are connected with one bogie. Each half has a maximum loading capacity of 45ft. Typical loads for these wagons are 45ft containers, to maximize the usage of the loading capacity. However, other containers like 40ft and even 30ft bulk containers are also frequently seen on these wagons.

The scale models of these wagons that B-Models makes have metal frames, so they are heavy enough to be used unloaded.